Tuesday, January 22, 2013

New boat

Beneteau 235  sail number 15. Our new boat, name to be decided on. 

Possible name  Emmeline  It is as a girl's name is pronounced EM-a-leen. It is of Old French and Old German origin; Emilia which means to rival, excel, or emulate, which is what the Beneteau First 235, F235 does.  
 - "The Beneteau First 235 is exceptionally well designed by the Finot Group, which patterned her after their Mini-Transat, which was before its time, mimicking hull shapes of racing boats today. She is very well-built, fitted out like a much bigger boat. Indeed, this is about as many big boat features as any designer has ever gotten into a 24’ hull." -


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  1. Hey thats my boat ..ya the one I get when I try my hand at sail next.